Tomorrow a bunch of younger investors are going to put a quarter of a million dollars into a dinosaur. I'm not talking about GameStop, rather it's the latest offering on Rally Road - a platform that fractionalizes and securitizes ownership of collectibles. Here's a tweet from Rob, their founder (who I once made a terrible decision not to hire at Stocktwits).

I mention this because as the GameStop madness continues to unfold, some people are discussing the idea that they raise a secondary at these prices. While from a corporate finance perspective, this makes sense, it's a terrible investor relations move. Dilution right now would kill the momentum and something weird and bigger is happening and most of the people long are also sympathetic ex or prospective customers.

When Congress wasn't functioning Joe Wiesenthal proposed minting a trillion dollar coin in order to fund the budget. It became a meme unto itself, a BTFD for the fiscal policy wonks, as people rallied around MTFC.

With Platforms like Rally Road, a company like GameStop could take advantage of this mania, fuel the story and print a $1B commemorative cartridge and sell it on Rally Road, where they could chop it into $1000 slices. It wouldn't sit anywhere in the capital structure but would be fresh non-dilutive capital to deploy to help transition their business. In many ways there is a Kickstarter vibe to this whole story so why not go raise Kickstarter type capital. This is how a CFO at GameStop should play this game. Have some fun, everyone else is. PTFC.